Langstone Harbour

There are visitor's buoys on the Starboard hand on the way into the harbour which can be picked up for a visit to the pub. Be a little wary of the current here, it can run very fast. Further into the harbour, past the remains of a wartime Mulberry Harbour, following the Langstone channel, you can anchor on the edge of the channel. This is a waterski area so it can get a bit noisy at times. When the tide goes out it leaves acres of hard sand for the kids to play on. If you can take the ground, it's also a good place for a quick scrub off.

Guide price : Free at anchor.

Here are descriptions of some lunchtime visits, by boat, to various hostelries in Langstone harbour described by a friend who has a penchant for exploration...

  • OUT TO LUNCH - West Hayling (pdf document)
  • OUT TO LUNCH - Great Salterns (pdf document)

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