Near the top of the Emsworth Channel in Chichester Harbour the channel divides. To port is Sweare Deep and to starboard the Emsworth channel continues.

There is plenty of room to anchor on either side of Sweare Deep. Unfortunately there is nowhere to go ashore but it can be a beautifully quiet anchorage with plenty of birdlife to watch.

Continuing up the Emsworth channel, through lines of moorings, you will find a visitors pontoon on the port hand side of the channel, just east of Fowley Island. The pontoon is not attached to land but it makes a dinghy trip into the village of Emsworth perfectly feasible. take the dinghy north to the public pontoon attached to the mill pond bund. Emsworth itself is a very attractive village with several pubs, restaurants, cafes and a supermarket for provisions.

Of course, the true tightwad will anchor in Sweare Deep overnight and go to the pontoon for a short stay.

Guide price : 3.50 harbour dues (2009/2010) :3.60 (2011) :4.00 (2013):5.00(2017) (if the harbourmaster picks you out of the hundreds)

Here are descriptions of some lunchtime visits, by boat, to various hostelries in Chichester harbour described by a friend who has a penchant for exploration...

  • OUT TO LUNCH - Bosham (pdf document)
  • OUT TO LUNCH - Dell Quay (pdf document)
  • OUT TO LUNCH - Mill Rythe (pdf document)
  • OUT TO LUNCH - Emsworth Quay (pdf document)
  • OUT TO LUNCH - Prinsted (pdf document)
  • OUT TO LUNCH - Langstone Village (pdf document)
  • OUT TO LUNCH - Burnes Yard (pdf document)

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