Hi, my name's Rob. I'm 12 years old. (No he's not, he's 21 now). I like sailing on my dads boat. I go to Neville Lovett school. I'm in year 7 (left). I've started drumming lessons. (and now he's got his own set of drums, god help us!). My best lessons at school are p.e and art, not so much because I like the teacher in art but because I like drawing. But I like the teacher in p.e., I think p.e is great because I like running and being active. I like swimming with my mates and playing tennis, badminton, football and sailing.

Well all of that is totally out of date. Rob has desperately tried to stay in marine work since leaving school but has had to contend with a series of firms going bust or cutting back. He finally completed his apprenticeship with Pascoe International on the Hamble (they produce very high spec ribs) where he now works full time. He (just about) manages to get up every morning at 06:30 to get to work and is earning a decent wage. We are very proud of his persistence.

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